Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Funny things happen, and I laugh a lot.

Sitting at the table in the faculty lounge, I had just finished my lunch. I waded up the paper towel which had functioned as my napkin, and I eyed the trash can. Claudia was munching on an orange in the next seat.

"Claudia, do you think I can make this shot?"

"Sure, give it a try."

The shot required that I loft the towel over Claudia's head into the awaiting trash can. We were both seated. I measured the shot. I visualized the wad swishing into the wide open "basket." I lofted my shot...

...and I missed off the front rim.

"Think I can make mine?" Claudia asked. She had a waded up paper towel as well.

"Sure, go for it," I encouraged her.

She launched her four foot attempt from her seated position. She pushed it long, hoping for a bank shot. Every thing was looking good, until...

Splat. Her paper towel hit the wall behind the trash can and exploded, spewing out the orange peelings hidden in its interior.

Nothing bounced off the wall. Paper towel and all splashed off the wall, behind and beside the trash can, on to the floor.

Laughing, we both got up and cleaned up the mess.

Where ever I go, I have fun. Even in the teachers' lounge at lunch.