Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fun Theory...

"The best way to teach someone is to make them believe they are learning something else." Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture -- more that 10 million views.)

And make it fun! Like taking the stairs...

I carry this theory into the classroom. Learning is fun, and since I want my classroom to be a learning zone, I make sure to add some fun into the daily mix. I've borrowed some ideas from including an activity I call Survivor Math. (We even have fun during math!)

Fun is a great motivator. People will take the stairs, learn math, and some people even marry for love... and fun. One thing I love about my wife? She makes me laugh. We have fun.

Things are better when they are fun. That's my theory. (And I'm not alone.)

(Special thanks to Rawan over at Rawan's Random Thoughts for sharing the piano stairs video.)

Friday, October 9, 2009

I like BBQ'd chicken

I like BBQ'd chicken. Not the kind smothered in BBQ sauce: just the kind that comes from a BBQ. I eat it at least five times a week for lunch, and sometimes for a snack. I might even throw in some BBQ'd chicken into a salad on the weekend.

It all started at least a year ago, when I began eating more protein as part of a fat-loss program. I try to eat meals that are 30% protein, 50% carb, and 20% fat. Chicken helps me get there.

I usually cook up four or five breasts a week on Saturday or Sunday, then I'm set for the week. (I cut the breasts in half... about 4 oz. per piece after cooking.)

Recently, Fresh and Easy had chicken breasts on sale for $1.99 a pound (with rib meat). That's a good price, so I loaded up: 8 or 10 breasts.

The pictures show my grill full of cookin' chicken. Usually, I'm only BBQing half this much, but hey: it was on sale.

Living in SoCal, I can BBQ all year round. That's one of the perks of the mild winters.

Seasoned just with black pepper, I never seem to get tire of chicken. It's good for me. It's yummy. And it's therapeutic to fire up the grill, hang out in the backyard for a while, and have one juicy piece, freshly cooked.

I like BBQ'd chicken.