Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What do you wish for today?

CSUF Arboretum
I came across this question on a blog today: What do you wish today?

I'm always on the lookout for a good question. Here is how she answered the question:

So today I wish for one day during my vacation that folks are happy and ok around me and that I can let go of the stress and just relax...and read...just for one day this week. That would work for me. What do you wish today?

Often, while watching TV in the evening, my wife will get up and ask me, "Want anything while I'm up?"

Who thinks up these blossoms?
My first answer is "World Peace." (No, I'm not an ex-beauty contestant... but that's what I want!)

My second answer is "Whirled Peas." (I'm a smart alec, and I've already used "World Peace.")

My third answer is usually, "Nothing, honey. I'm good." (I'm generally content just watching the TV.)

But this question is different: What do you wish today?

I read a quote lately on another blog that gave me my wish for today:
Hey, What's going on family?

"Pleasure is spread through the earth in stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find."

~William Wordsworth

My wish today: Find me some stray gifts of pleasure and claim them!

Simple pleasures. Simple joys. Simple delights.

My twin grandsons just turned eight months. On a recent visit I watched them flail their arms AND their legs in delight over some "stray gift of pleasure." 

I may not go that far, but they've got the right idea!

How about you? Are you in the hunt today for some stray gift waiting to be claimed by you?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Second to the last Sunday of my Summer Vacation!

My summer vacation is almost over, but the NFL pre-season is in full swing, so all things balance out. (I love AT&T's U-verse and the NFL channel.)

CSUF Arboretum: Going places!

It's been a great summer: one of my best ever.

I wrote to a friend today: The coming school year is full of changes and challenges -- and that's different how?

So much of life is about outlook and attitude. It's not always easy to make sense of things, but if you ponder a bit... or a lot... for a long time... sometimes things make sense...

Or you at least can create a mental game plan. I did that today over on my other blog in a post called Adapt and Thrive!

St. Patrick's rose: a beauty!

That post is really a result of a lot of summer-long pondering over issues at work. But many of the conclusions I reached have broader applications.

I end that post with a quote from a friends FaceBook profile:

"Kites rise highest against the wind -- not with it."

Life is full of problems, challenges, disappointments, etc.

A spider enjoys a lacewing lunch at St. Patrick's

There may be an ill wind blowing, but I don't have to be driven along by it. I can be like the kite and rise up.

That's my plan for the coming school year! (I may even decorate my classroom with a kite or two to stay reminded.)

Da Haan's at da Petting Zoo!

Happy Sunday/Monday.