Sunday, May 23, 2010

New visitors...

I appreciated the recent visit from Betty. She commented on my last post along these lines:

"Lovely photos! Thank you!
First time here; Your blog is truly interesting!Love it!
Hope you're having a great weekend :)

This comment aroused my curiosity, so I meandered over to her blog...

A kindred soul. A Renaissance woman. A fellow philosopher and humorist. How nice.

(I think I found our common link: SeptemberMom. Who had commented on one of Betty's posts regarding Happiness.)

Inspiration is often found in community. Betty's post on happiness led to my free-verse response:


is the inward chuckle
inspired by a positive twist,

the half smile
evoked in the presence of beauty, large or small,

and the inner laughter
erupting from a sense of delight.

Happiness is a way of travel.
Happiness is a lens.
Happiness is...

Looking for some inspiration or just some enjoyment... check out her blog.

(These pictures are from the last night of my March get-away to San Clemente. The view from our balcony.)