Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yeah June!

I spy six Haans!
Back in February, I embarked on a goal towards becoming a runner. My goal was to be fit enough to walk/run 30 minutes, three times a week. For the last two weeks, I'm on target. The slow road to improved fitness has been a rewarding one. This morning I posted this on Facebook:

‎1) Set some goals. 2) Make a plan. 3) Work your plan. 4) Fine tune goals/plans. This morning I did #3. 5+ mile route. Walked uphill (50 minutes). Jogged/walked back downhill (35 minutes). Climbed into my car... and said, "That felt great!" A milestone from my beginnings back in February. Woo hoo!

Papa Haan and his twins: Easter egg hunting!
I'm discovering a zone of fitness that includes walking/hiking/jogging/running. Thanks go out to my kids and fellow runners whose examples inspired me, and to authors who have coached me.

Oh, look here, under the ramp!
As June has arrived, and the school year comes to a close, I look forward to scoping out some new local trails to explore in my running this summer. On top of that, my daughter Joanna wants to play some racquetball! I took up running because I couldn't find a good racquetball partner. Vicki White was my all time favorite, but she moved up to the Pacific Northwest. She and I used to play once, sometimes twice a week. (My nephew John is fun to play with also, but he's a young dad and very busy.)

Looking for the hard-to-find eggs now.

Regardless, as June begins and summer vacation looms, I foresee some good times: on the trails, on the court, and around the house.

Hello June. Hello summer. Hello fitness!
Rachel eyes the chocolate that filled the eggs. A happy Danny!