Monday, February 20, 2012

I used a table saw!

I am a self-taught handyman. No offense Dad.

My dad could fix a TV (back when you had to test bulbs), but that's all I can ever remember him fixing. He could also install drape rods which he did to help my mom in her home business. I think he may have used an old hand-me-down drill that his older brother gave him. That drill, which still mostly works, is in my garage now. I used it just last week. I used it to drill lead holes before I used my other new drill to drive screw into boards onto a fence I installed. Yes, I installed a fence!

The fence came in panels, and I hung them on metal posts. I recently added an extension of the fence across my driveway which creates a nice little patio outside of my garage where I've set up my new BBQ.

The fence across the driveway required two gates, which required angled braces. It's hard to cut good angled braces by hand, although it's just a cut through a two-by-four. I decided to attempt to use a table saw that sits in a corner of my garage, a table saw my son, who lives in Canada, inherited from his wood working Grandpa Ken.

Well, I used some cool clamps, also inherited, and made my four cuts. They are nice, and for an hour or so my garage reeked of the manly scent of fresh cut lumber. (And my gate hangs better now.)

Life is a POOGI, an Eli Goldratt term meaning Process of On Going Improvement. Lately, my improvements have included learning table saw 101.

Go me!