Monday, December 15, 2008

Personal Proverbs... When in a hole...

Personal Proverbs... Words to live by... Favorite sayings... or General Systems Laws...

Potato, Potato.

These are the short sayings by which I navigate life...

When in a hole, quit digging.

This pithy remark is useful, especially for men. We have a tendency to say the wrong thing. You know... Open mouth; insert foot.

But then we make matters worse. We keep talking. Guys! Listen to me. Don’t keep talking! You know you're in trouble. You can see it in their faces. You're in hole! Just remember this:

When in a hole, quit digging.

Quit digging? You don't understand? (Okay, this is for my guys out there: Shut up. Zip it.) It will only get worse if you keep talking. You’ve already put yourself in a hole, so quit digging it deeper.

Cough, look across the room and pretend you see something. Change the subject. Ask if anyone has seen a good movie lately? Or... back away slowly from the group... muttering if needed... "Bathroom..." or "Another beer..." or Nothing at all.

When in a hole, quit digging.


  1. oh man. do i know a thing or two about holes.

  2. Imagining a guy coughing and then awkwardly muttering "Another beer..." before ambling away has brought me much laughter lo these last few moments. :D