Saturday, January 17, 2009

Co-workers who rock!

Yesterday at school, we had an awards assembly. This is a monthly event where various students are recognized for their achievements, sometimes for writing and other things scholastic, but usually for demonstrating positive character traits in their classroom.

As part of the assembly, there is a rotating award called Making a Difference. This award is for staff. It may be a teacher, janitor, front office, or other person who the previous month's recipient thinks deserves some recognition and thanks.

I inherited the award last month, and this month I passed it along. In doing so, I had to pause and think: What do I value in a co-worker?

1) Pleasant and hard-working.
2) A good sense of humor.
3) Thinks of others! (Helpful)

I mentioned these as I announced the new winner who is indeed a joy to work with. One attribute I didn't mention publicly, but I would add this to my personal list:

4) Is relatively "drama-free." (Life has real drama, fine. But unnecessary drama, urgency, and petty offences are anathema.)

Happily, with this description I could have given this award to almost anyone on staff. It's a great school. It's a great bunch to work with. It makes me glad I work there. And it's really quite simple: Three things to have, one to avoid.

What kind of co-worker are you?


  1. Who you work with makes ALL the difference at the work place. I know this from too much experience :)

    May the coworker scale be tipped in the direction of award winning

  2. Well...I'm not the 'drama queen,' that's for sure. I'm more the shadow. The one who hears all and pretends to have heard nothing.

    But my job sure does attract drama a spider with flies...