Friday, March 13, 2009

Unplanned Fun!

Today is Friday the 13th. The important thing is not the 13th, it's the Friday!

I like my work, but I also like my weekends. Twice today people asked me if I had anything fun planned for the weekend. I replied, "No," and I felt like I was letting them down.

But now I'm home, relaxed, and enjoying the weekend. I've also discovered there is something I like better than planned fun; and that is -- unplanned fun. I like not having any appointments, commitments, or gotta-do's this weekend. I can just enjoy the yard, the pets, the house, my favorite rooms, the company of my wife, and the quiet serenity of the suburb I call home.

Unplanned fun: it's under-rated.


  1. Oh gosh! There's nothing better than an unplanned weekend.

  2. Saphron,

    It was fun, relaxing, and had some unplanned spots of productivity too. It's all good!