Saturday, May 9, 2009

Real Men Don’t Use Baby Wipes!

Quad riding was one of the fun activities available at a recent family reunion I attended in Arizona. The reunion was held at the Bumble Bee Ranch which is nestled between Sedona and Prescott in a 2,000 foot mountain valley.

Quad riding is dusty business. Riders sometimes wear goggles, but they almost always wear a bandana over their mouth and nose to keep the dust out. Even still, after the ride, a trip to the bathroom is usually needed to clean up a bit.

In the men’s room at the Bumble Bee, I took a few pictures to help explain this clean-up procedure.

The man wipes…

The Sink and Man Wipes...

The truth of the matter (side view of the man wipes)…

Shhhh... Sometimes real men do use baby wipes, we just rename them.


  1. Tooooo funny! I will have to make some up for my helicopter flyin' Air Medal of Valor winnin' son...who does use baby wipes!! He'll get a kick outta that! Sounds like a great day Don! Blessings, Lisa

  2. I guess that manliness is a state of mind.

  3. cw2smom: Glad you enjoyed the irony. I did too. Just goes to show: what you call something does matter.

    Dennis: It certainly is. Some men are more secure in there manliness than others. Those who are more secure have leeway to enjoy life, and things like re-labled Baby Wipes.