Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers' Day -- Overheard in a check out line...

I had a lovely Fathers' Day. It resembled many of my other days, which just means I have a lot of lovely days. The highlights of my day were the calls from my grown children, a card from my wife, and a snippet of dialogue overheard at the grocery store.

Mom (to daughter): What shall we get Daddy for Fathers' Day?

Daughter: Let's let him go play golf!

Mom: Oh no. There will be too many dads doing that. Besides, I already told him he has to go to your piano recital.

Hmmm... back in November last year, I wrote a blog entry called "True Love." The post explains how True Love seeks to give appropriate gestures of love.

Obviously the mom in the grocery line missed that post. The little girl either read the post, or didn't need to. She knew what Daddy liked. She loved Daddy and wanted him to have what he liked. Simple as that.

Me? I was in the grocery line... alone... giving my wife the equivalent of flowers. My wife doesn't like flowers... the cats eat them. But she does like it if I'll run to the store and pick up a few things.

Mothers' Day: Fathers' Day: Every day: lovely days.

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God. And everyone that loveth not, loveth not God, for God is love." (John the Apostle -- King James Version)

Live the dash! Love your people!

(So what's with the picture at the top of the post? My daughter is having twins! She told us on Mothers' Day. So what did she give me for Fathers' Day? An update... twin BOYS! A nice addition to the two daughters they already have. More baby pics in early December?)


  1. Just letting you know I'll be back to leave real comments here soon, and thanking you for looking at my NC pics! It's not my 'neighborhood' at all *cry* but maybe one day it will be...

    Happy belated Father's Day!

  2. great words, and quite in tune you are to pick up on that in the woman. I fear it's all too common a conversation.

    BTW, Congratulations to your daughter! That's terrific.

  3. Congratulations!

    I wish your daughter all the best for successful pregnancy and joyous birth of the boys.


  4. Saphron: Looking forward to your return from vacation. Have fun!

    Chase: All the world's a classroom... but it's easier without a language barrier!

    Sacha: Thanks. Twins does add some suspense to the pregnancy... potential complications... so far (14 weeks) so good. ;-)

  5. One of the most precious pictures in the world. We can see our children before they are born. I'm amazed each and every time I see an ultrasound. Can't wait to see more in December.

  6. @Glo: Thanks for commenting. It is a modern marvel to see the pre-born. Now they have 4-D imaging. One of my pregnant co-workers had one done as a gift. They take the images and create a picture similar to the real deal. It's even more amazing than ultra-sound. But the most amazing part is the formation of new life: one day at a time. (Whether we see it or not.)