Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time Machine: Summer Vacation

Time seems to move slower when you’re young. I’ve wondered why, and I suspected that it had to do with the three-month summer vacation. Toward the end of summer, it would get a little boring and time would seem to drag.

After leaving college, that yearly cycle was broken. I entered the adult world of two to three weeks of vacation a year, plus some paid holidays. I did that for 20 plus years.

Recently I heard the time mystery compared to a roll of toilet paper: it goes slow at first, then it flies off the roll! How can you slow it down?

I’ve found a remedy: ten week summer vacations, plus two weeks at Christmas, plus a week at Easter, and a dozen other days sprinkled in for good measure. Ahhh…

Time. Slows. Down.

Although teaching is often fast-paced, near frenetic, and sometimes borders on being all consuming, it has its perks. One of them is time travel.

I get to travel back in time to a land of summer vacations, spring breaks, and Christmas vacations. This has the effect of slowing things down. I might even get bored… in about eight weeks.

Then I might teach a short summer school. Or not. It depends on if I’m “picked” via the seniority scheme. But, either way, I’m on the brink of summer vacation. Ten, long, time-bending weeks.

I have few plans, fewer commitments, but lots of time to tinker, explore, relax, nap, garden, learn, spend time with my wife, visit friends, play racquetball, read some books… I might even get bored. I’ve got the time.



  1. Whoops... didn't mean to sign in under my "school" google account... after all we are done! Congrats on making it through. I hope you have a fantastic summer! :)

  2. Miss H: Thanks for the congrats! I really happy because I didn't end the year super-fried, just mostly baked. I'm only two days into summer, but I feel relaxed and refreshed. School ended on lots of good notes: a symphony of success! Woo-hoo. A golden moment... the threshold to a salmon colored summer? ;-)


  3. Congratulations on the beginning of summer!...and succeeding at officially making me jealous! ;)

    I find time to be the exact opposite for me - it just FLEW by as a child, then slowed down excruciatingly starting right around college. Even when I did get summers off while teaching, time was still slow, which was a good thing then.

    I do know that nobody's workday goes faster than a teacher's; that was a nice surprise. I miss that!

  4. Saphron: Thanks for the comments. Time does fly in a teacher's day. Oh yeah! And I'd say I was sorry for making you "officially jealous," but that makes the summer even more enjoyable! ;-) (I am a brat!)