Monday, July 20, 2009

Sports: Exercise disguised as fun!

I recently wrote down five reasons I like sports. #1 was... They make exercise fun.

Maybe I like sports because I've learned to make them fun. Maybe that's why I enjoy my job, my family, and even my life. I make them fun too!

Most everyone would agree that exercise is good for you. People were made to move. Being fit: having vitality, functional strength, balance, and flexibility. These are good things. But exercise?

I'd rather do something else. I rather have fun. I'd rather do sports that make me exercise. I grew up playing ping pong, Frisbee, croquette, "pickle," over-the-line, kite flying, marbles, hop-scotch, four-square, dodge-ball, jump-rope, skating, kick ball, and I'm sure a few more. Some of these provide more sweat than others, but they are all fun.

Some people jog, or go to the gym, or just exercise. I can't do it for the long-haul. Exercise is important, so why not disguise it in a game? A sport?

Because then... exercise becomes so much more! It becomes reasons 2, 3, and 4. (Plus 5 and beyond.) But those are posts for another day.

(The city replaced the sewer in front of my house. Now they are going to repave the street. I took some pictures!)


  1. Thanks for reminding me of all those fun "exercise" activities that I did as a kid! They really did get your heart moving. Exercise should be fun and not a chore. You have a good attitude about life: Make it fun! Sounds great me.

  2. @september: Glad to remind you. Tetherball was great too! Monkey bars... I even played on the junior high obstacle course. Yo-yos. Must. Stop. This. Now. ;-)