Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My vacations is ending... let the holidays begin!

Today was the last day of my summer vacation. It's was a long summer break this year, and I thoroughly enjoyed all eleven weeks or so.

The final three days of summer, I started getting up a bit earlier, and I worked (for free) five or six hours each day. Not only does my body get ready for the earlier rising time, but I'm prepared enough to relax and enjoy the first holiday of the school year: Labor Day!

We work two days without students, take a three day weekend, and the students show up Tuesday. Many or most of the teachers at the elementary school have been busy getting their classrooms ready. The others, I suspect, will be working (for free) over the Labor Day Weekend.

I'm ready and able to relax because I'm weeks ahead of where I was last year at this time. Last year was my first working at a new school and new grade levels. Apprehensions of last year were mostly imaginary, this year, I know what's ahead: the unexpected!

That's right: what lies ahead is the unexpected. I have a better idea this year about the actual challenges of the job, but life always has the unexpected.

But the unexpected isn't always bad. My #1 affirmation/choice is: "I choose to achieve my goals, with the surprising help of God and others."

Who says all things unexpected are negative. As I left today, I found out that one of my neediest, most challenging students, moved. That was unexpected.

Another upgraded affirmation/choice of mine is: "I choose to make a positive difference wherever I go. I let it be easy."

I'm going to let this year be easy. "I choose to be calm and confident."

Often, you find what you're looking for. I'm looking for surprising help, unforced efforts, positive results, and poise.

I wonder what I'll find?


  1. Those are some terrific affirmations. The new year will unfold many challenges and surprises for you. I'm sure your classes are fun and interesting. I look forward to hearing about all that you discover about your students and yourself this year. Have a great teaching year!!

  2. About working for free: we were taught, in seminary, to always consider Sunday as one of our days off. It makes sense. People laugh. They joke with me that preachers only work on Sunday. Then I tell them: no I always take Sundays off.

  3. Congrats on having one of your most challenging students move! I know, it can sound callous, but I understand how you is one less burden.

    Miracles do happen!

    Schools around here are starting earlier and earlier in August. There's something wholesome about starting after Labor Day, something all-American, and I miss that. Have a fantastic first day, Don, you deserve it!

  4. @September: Glad you enjoyed the affirmations. I too am looking forward to what I'll learn (and teach) in the coming year. As you know, with kids, there is never a dull moment. ;-)

    @Dennis: "God loves a joyful (hilarious) giver..." so if you can think of Sunday's as working for free on your day off because you want to... then you've achieved a great perspective.

    @Saphron: Spoken like a true teacher. I never give up on a student, and I was actually looking forward to working with this student because of the challenge(s), but... now I can concentrate on other challenges.

    The new school year is shaping up nicely. The unexpected can be good... even miraculous! (As you noted.) Thanks for the good wishes.