Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why I blog? People like Chase!

Today I went to a Welcome Home party. One of the blogs I follow is the Taiwan Drift. Chase has authored this blog while he was a teacher on temporary assignment on the island nation of Taiwan. Chase is from Southern California. He came home last night after spending a year in Taiwan.

His family had a Welcome Home Party and I was invited.

As much as I love people, I was a bit hesitant to go. It was not the 30 mile journey south to his parents home that made me hesitate. I thought I might be out of place. But I went.


Because I was invited.

Generally people invite you to things because they'd like you to come. It's really not that complex. Most of the time, people say what they mean and mean what they say. No need to over think things.

Although Chase was the only one I knew, and I "only" knew him from his blog. It turns out that I was warmly welcomed by his family. I felt that I knew some of them from "listening" to Chase's blog. They also felt like they knew me from my comments on Chase's blog. (Some have visited my blog too.)

It was a fun time, in fact it was memorable.

The party was an open house, and I stayed for an hour or so. I met his mom, dad, sisters, and brother. (Plus his grandma, aunt, and family dog.)

The Girl Scout song has it right: "Make new friends, but keep the old: one is silver and the other is gold."

As I was leaving, Chase's mom stopped me. Her plan was to capture the attendees on "film." I had taken my camera, so I also had them take a picture of Chase and me together. Chase's mom said, "I'll look for it on your blog!" (So here it is.)

I keep blogging because of the friends I've made online. Once in a blue moon, you might get a chance to meet in "real life." Today was one of those times.

"When you get the chance to sit it out or dance: I hope you dance."

Today I danced. Why?

Because I ignored my doubts, trusted my heart, and I responded to an invitation. I've spent a year making a new friend. I wanted to add my face and voice among his family and friends as we all joined hearts to say, "Welcome home Chase."

Because, ultimately, it's not about us... it's about others.


  1. Now, that is really, really cool. It's great that you went. You're a good blogging friend to have made the trip.

    I've visited Chase's blog a couple of times; I wonder how it will change now that he's home.

    I'll come visit you if I ever go to CA! My brother lived in LA for a bit but then got laid off and came back home. Oh well. Can't use him as an excuse to visit the strange world of SoCal but I'm sure one day I'll get there.

  2. Don,
    We all loved having you join us. I'm glad you danced. It was great "meeting" you (face-to-face, anyway). The Drift has been an awesome experience for me this year, and greatly attributing to that was stumbling across your "musings" early on in the trek.

    Looking forward to our continued Misc. Thoughts and comments... and that cup of coffee!

    PS Saphron, I've also visited your blog, and would love to have you join me anytime. It will change some, and it won't. :) But I have to agree... SoCal is indeed a strange world :)

  3. How neat. I have made a few friends on Blogger...when you regularly read someone's blog you do feel like you know them, don't you? Meeting them would be weird/cool.

  4. @Saphron: As you can tell, I'm glad I went too. I'm sure Chase will point us to his new blog/website. Transitions come, and transitions go. (Like your brother's move here and back again. One of my sisters has gone back and forth from Iowa to So Cal several times in 30 years or so.)

    @Chase: Glad you stumbled onto the Chase post. One thing I enjoyed in our visit was the shared past we have from your blog. It was fun to refer to things you've written about in our conversation. By taking the time to read the blog of another, one gains insights that many others (including those who "know" you) miss. Blogs can offer an opportunity for depth that is often absent in day-to-day encounters.

    @Sabrina: It's not just that you "feel like you know them," you actually do. If the blogger is genuine, so is the friendship. (Not unlike the "real" world.) Thanks for commenting!

  5. What a great story. I'll have to visit Chase's blog; it sounds really interesting. I'm glad you had the chance to meet him in person, and I must say that I gree with subrina and your comment back to here. Online friends aren't so different from face2face friends; if the interactions are sincere, so is the friendships/bloggerships. From my stanpoint, I feel lucky to have had the blogger connection with you and Saphron.

    Here, Here for good blogerships! :)

  6. @Miss H~: Glad you enjoyed the story and the interaction with Sabrina. I too am glad that our paths have crossed via blogging. I enjoy "hearing" your voice, listening to your reflections, and contemplating the journey along with you. Thanks for sharing.

  7. A wonderful story. I hope at some point in our lives all of us have Danced!!! Some things in life just don't need to be over thought, they are what they are and in this case it was a simple invitation to meet you. Glad you went. Love the picture with you and goatee!! As for California, have missed it since the day I left 16 years ago. It may be a crazy place to those who haven't been, but it's a crazy kind of wonderful...

  8. @Gloria: I'm glad you liked the story. I guess a real compliment to pay to someone is to say that they are a Dancer: an involved participant. I agree, "Some things in life just don't need to be over thought..." That was a hard lesson for me. (Still is some times.) But I've learned, "Some times people just say what they mean: end-of-story."

    California is a "crazy-kind-of-wonderful." After traveling in most of the states and both coasts of Canada, I'm glad I landed in SoCal. Hardly a day goes by, that I'm not glad about that blessing.

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