Friday, October 9, 2009

I like BBQ'd chicken

I like BBQ'd chicken. Not the kind smothered in BBQ sauce: just the kind that comes from a BBQ. I eat it at least five times a week for lunch, and sometimes for a snack. I might even throw in some BBQ'd chicken into a salad on the weekend.

It all started at least a year ago, when I began eating more protein as part of a fat-loss program. I try to eat meals that are 30% protein, 50% carb, and 20% fat. Chicken helps me get there.

I usually cook up four or five breasts a week on Saturday or Sunday, then I'm set for the week. (I cut the breasts in half... about 4 oz. per piece after cooking.)

Recently, Fresh and Easy had chicken breasts on sale for $1.99 a pound (with rib meat). That's a good price, so I loaded up: 8 or 10 breasts.

The pictures show my grill full of cookin' chicken. Usually, I'm only BBQing half this much, but hey: it was on sale.

Living in SoCal, I can BBQ all year round. That's one of the perks of the mild winters.

Seasoned just with black pepper, I never seem to get tire of chicken. It's good for me. It's yummy. And it's therapeutic to fire up the grill, hang out in the backyard for a while, and have one juicy piece, freshly cooked.

I like BBQ'd chicken.


  1. I have a neighbor who BBQ's up here, even in the winter, when it is freezing. People up here are tough. In fact, when the church had its centennial in 2001 and we had a 48 hour power outage from an ice storm, we did our celebration dinner on propane BBQ's that our people brought in for the occasion.

  2. I'm hungry now. Thanks for the virtual BBQ!

    Thanks also for your great poetic contributions on my blog :)

  3. @Dennis: It's good to know there are some pioneer types who don't let a bit of cold weather stop their BBQing. (Joel and his college friends built an outdoor hot tub they used in the dead of Maine's winter.) Go pioneers! (and crazies.)

    @September: You're welcome, (Now I'm hungry too.) And I enjoy your blog: humor, poetry, and prose.

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I want some!

    Just be careful not to turn INTO a chicken, Don. ;)

  5. @Saphron: I'll be careful. What are the danger signals: cowardice? growing a beak? sleeping with my head under my arm? What?