Saturday, October 24, 2009

If we weren't all crazy...

... we'd all go insane.

This line from a Jimmy Buffet song could serve as background music to the wackiness that seemed to invade my campus/work place this week. (And is wasn't just me.)

"Senior moments" occur in elementary students.

A lack of preparedness bordering on hilarious happens even to professionals.

Seasoned meeting coordinators go on the blink.

Craziness happens. Sometimes it happens a lot.

Sometimes it happens to others. Sometimes to me.

Regardless of who it happens to, it's funny. I'm willing to laugh at myself when I'm the victim, but I enjoy it more when it's somebody else. (Others seem to enjoy it more when it's me.)

I can't say that I blame them. It's especially funny when somebody who is generally capable slightly stumbles.

If you don't laugh, you could end up crying.

If you don't bend, you could end up breaking.

If you you're not willing to admit you're a bit crazy... could end up a bit insane.

Sometimes others are funny. Sometimes, funny lives in the mirror. (At least I find it in my mirror!)


  1. I try to chuckle at the funny "me" in the mirror! I think I'll start welcoming "my screw up moments" because I generally learn a lot about myself. Don, thanks for your terrific comment on my blog today!!

  2. @September: Welcoming the moments not only does wonders for you, others appreciate that you can laugh at yourself. (This includes your own children.) If you give yourself permission to screw-up, then your kids are more willing to take reasonable risks too. Failure is an option, and it provides a basis for laughter and improvement.

    @Dennis: Indeedee-doo!