Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Capistrano Beach: November in So Cal

I noted in an earlier post that I had pictures to prove what a lovely weekend I enjoyed with my wife over the Halloween weekend. Here's a few more of them:

The first picture is a view up the coast towards Dana Point. Doheny State Beach is in the foreground. Dana Point is a small town with a beautiful marina. The place is named for Richard Dana who wrote of California when there was no San Franscisco. Local ranchers used to throw cowhides over the cliffs to be picked up by boats bound for the East Coast shoe factories. Dana's book, Two Years Before the Mast, chronicles his adventures. Times change, the ocean, not so much.

At Doheny State Beach you can camp right on the beach's edge. (You can also rent bikes, including the family riders shown in a previous post.)

The second picture shows a pedestrian crossing Highway One from to our timeshare from the beach. The bluff in the background backed up against our patio. Rather than a beach view, we had a bluff view. We smelled the sage, watched birds coast along on the updrafts, and contemplated the shifting light as it climbed the cliff in the afternoon.

The water is a bit chilly: mid-50's -- wet suit weather for serious surfers. This is a lifeguard station, abandoned during the fall and winter... but come April... the summer season begins!

The next-to-last shot for this post is a double-wide outhouse. Disabled access? I couldn't tell you.

Californian's are funny (and patriotic). The final shot is a puppy-guard-dog. Grrr!!!!


  1. Cool photos. I like the angle of the pedestrian crossing. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of your world. Looks like a great place to be!

  2. @September: Glad you liked the photos. I've got a few more to post: vistas into life in the So Cal. (My dad graduated from Redondo Beach High in '45ish.) There's a reason why a lot of servicemen and women relocated to California after tasting the region. But... "Home is where the heart is." Immigration requires strong push and pull factors. Relocating requires strong motives. (I like it here!)

  3. You make me homesick...I haven't been home in over a year now...

  4. @Glo: The Pacific Coast does have a way of making you miss it. (No trips planned to Palm Springs? One of your girls still lives down there?)