Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Reflections

Recently I began to visit a daily photo blog. DawnTreader, the blogging photographer lives in southern Sweden. (How cool is that?)

Her pictures and post titles often invite fiction or, sometimes, poetry.

Today her picture inspired me to "pen" a brief poem.

DawnTreader's post is entitled: Tuesday Blue: December Reflections. Here is her picture:

Here is my poem:

December Reflections

Everything seems a bit blue
and upside down.

Nothing is clear
but strangely blurred.

Life is such a riddle.

But then...

I discover I'm looking down
instead of up!

I'm not even seeing what's real,
just some doubly reversed image.

No more December distortions!


  1. May all of the doubly reversed images disappear and never return....for goodness' sake.

  2. That is a cool picture. I can see why you were inspired to jump into verse. Great job Don! So the question remains, should we trust the reflection or look for a "positive" distortion? Thanks for your kind words on my poem. I value your opinion :)

  3. Sort of in the spirit of a prolonged haiku. It is very good, O Zen Master Don!

  4. Glad to have been of inspiration... ;)

  5. @Saphron: I do my best to "keep looking up." If I'm going to have distortions, I try to keep them positive.

    @September: Although I try to "see what's real," if given a choice, I choose the positive distortion. My wife sometimes says I'm delusionally optimistic. The plus side of that is that I think I can have a lifelong impact on my students. So I aim for it, and sometimes, I achieve it.

    @Dennis: Prolonged haiku, or just slightly structured with a nature theme? O... same thing.

    @Dawn: Thank you for providing inspiration. As you know, I see many of your photos as a story waiting to be told. Keep snapping those pics!