Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time marches on! And so do we.

I enjoy keeping up with my friends who blog. Chase is one of them.

TS Kuhn, author of Structure of Scientific Revolutions, suggested that scientific communities progress as a unit. (The current Climate-gate saga serves as an example.)

I think blogging communities do the same. We get each other thinking.

Chase recently returned from a year in Taiwan. He's been home about two months. He notes that his experiences seem to have happened a lifetime ago.

As I pondered his post... I waxed poetic:

If Yoda wrote poetry…

Russian nesting dolls are we?
Old me’s contained in new?

Pearls are we?
A grain of earth at core…
building coat after coat of living splendor…
one day at a time?

Travelers are we?
Old journeys wrapped in new?
Early days encased in present?

And what of tomorrow?
Then who will we be?

Answer me that!

* * * * * * * * * *

Via the wonder of the internet, we can build communities that stretch across the globe. How cool is that!

And together... we step forward... and grow.


  1. I agree. We bloggers do set each other thinking - a lot! And communities do grow across the globe, and yes, it's cool! ;)

  2. I'm impressed that you channeled Yoda! The force is definitely with you in these lines :) I so enjoy the ongoing conversation and appreciation that we share as bloggers! Now I want to think of a poetry reply from Darth Vadar... Wonder if I should wear my son's Darth mask to get inspiration?

  3. I totally LOVE Yoda! On my fridge I have a little piece of paper held up by a magnet with a quote: "Do or do not; there is no try." Likes it, I do!

  4. One thing we know is that "We do not know what we shall be, but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is."

  5. @DawnTreader: I'm enjoying your photographic company day by day. From Sweden to the States... and the left state at that. Good company. Great community.

    @September: I'll be awaiting Darth's reply. Feel free to post it here in the comments. ;-)

    @Deedee: I've shared your Yoda quote with my students. Translated into country western: Get 'er done!

    @Dennis: You answer the question: "And what of tomorrow? Then who will we be?"

  6. You have watched a LOT of Star Wars.

    However, the poem is absolutely beautiful. You may be on to something Don; I'm serious. Market it before someone else does!!!

  7. @Saphron: Glad you liked the poem. I did too. Some of the concepts were inspired by Heinlein's book, Strange in a Strange Land. The Martians had a funny view of time. (I'm not into marketing stuff, yet. Maybe when I retire.) ;-)

  8. A friend are you, yes.

    Thanks for the plug, Don. Can you imagine it's been over a year now? Continually enjoy our interaction! Glad we're both still writing.

  9. @Chase: You speak Yoda! It has been a fun year, and blogging has made it a better one. The caption under my blog title still holds.

    Friend you are too.