Sunday, January 24, 2010

The mysteries of womanhood...

Rawan, over on her picture blog (365), posted a picture with this caption: "Spent most of my day in bed feeling iffy. Days like these, I hate being a girl."

Back in grade school, comments like this would have gone over my head. (As they should at that age.) However, with two older sisters, I remember once glancing in my sister's room and seeing her curled up on her bed in obvious pain. I was grieved at her discomfort.

I asked my all-wise mom about it, and she "explained" to me something about "cramps."

I must not have gotten a very clear picture of the ailment, because my reply to my mom was, "Well, I hope I never get that."

I never did, but Rawan does. And I feel bad for her. I can understand her comment, "Days like these, I hate being a girl."

I had a friend 15 years later who was still a bit fuzzy about girls and women. Here's what he did...

Attending a weekly church prayer meeting, grins and quizzical looks were exchanged after my friend inserted this in a lengthy prayer, "And o Lord, please help the sisters as they encounter the mysteries of womanhood."


One of the dangers of opening your mouth is that you sometimes put your foot in it, or at least provide an unplanned rift of laughter at your goofiness. (Even in a prayer meeting.) We all chuckled at the prayer... but my condolences to Rawan and company as they encounter and deal with the many "mysteries of womanhood." (We never quite figured out what he meant. I guess that's why they are mysteries.)

I am so glad that my public education included a junior high class called "Family Life and Sex Education." The class did a much better job of illuminating my unschooled brain than my mother did. It at least explained some of the gender-related mysteries of anatomy and physiology.

You can catch follow Rawan on her blog: Rawan's Random Thoughts

Happy Sunday!

Here's a video that gives a great slant on improving the world (through one of the mysteries of womanhood?)


  1. Don,
    All that is still a mystery to me.
    Curious I am about the video...Is that something you are involved in: "The Girl Effect"?

  2. You know I did wonder where you were going with this topic when I saw the title of your post :) Mysteries of womanhood could cover all sorts of areas. I worry about those "not so great days of being a girl" when my little girl gets to that age. Good that there are so many great days about being a girl to balance it out :)

  3. @Dennis: No, I'm not involved in the "cause" via that web-site. But in real life... I educate girls and (boys too). Plus, I've raised two very capable daughters. I've also studied mini-loans ala Grameen, and society changing via animal husbandry ala Heifer International.

    @September: My title was a "hook" to make you wonder. You have my permission to steal the heading and do a series on "the mysteries." I'm an outsider. I like your final thought: "so many great days about being a girl to balance it out." Being human is just awesome! (Except when it's not.)

  4. Interesting balance of humour and seriousness... Yeah, even being a woman myself I have had my share of contemplating the mysteries...!

  5. This is great, I love the video, and who would think that something Ive dealt with monthly for 10 years (HOLY CRAP TEN YEARS!!!) of my life so far would one day inspire a blog post. =)

    But I agree with september mom, there are many awesome days that balance it out, like when we get dressed up and wear jewelry and make up and grow our hair long and buy sparkly things! =)

  6. @Dawn: Regardless of gender... life has its mysteries. Thanks for stopping by.

    @It-all-good: 120+ "iffy" days... but then... "sparkly things" (at discount prices!) I've read your blog. ;-) Oh yeah.