Saturday, May 1, 2010

Travelogue: San Clemente -- Friday Night in March

Life is a dance, a balancing act, and a whirlwind. Lately, it seems to have had more of a whirlwind quality about it, especially at work. That's par for the course, but it makes weekend getaways a welcome reprieve.

Last Summer I planned ahead for some weekend trips. (Spontaneity is great, but planning ahead gets you a timeshare on the coast of Southern California.)

March 12th and 13th my wife and I took one of those planned trips. After a quick exit from work and a little packing, we made the easy 45 minute drive south the to a town called San Clemente. We stayed, for the second time, at San Clemente Inn in a timeshare unit. San Clemente Inn is nestled just off the freeway where it shares a back fence with San Clemente State Beach. Some people camp: we timeshare.

We arrived early enough in the evening to enjoy the changing view from our balcony. Over the brush that hides the camping sites of San Clemente, we caught a glimpse of the ocean, the clouds, and the sunset.

Mix in a bottle of wine, good conversation, (and no nagging household chores), and you have the start of our relaxing stay.

Life is a dance, a balancing act, and a whirlwind. This weekend was part of the balancing act. Ahh... come, share the view:


  1. That's the way to balance it all with style :)

  2. @all: These are some of the perks of an empty nest (and a good marriage). Thanks for your comments.

  3. Thats so beautiful, I wanna go! =)

    and for the whole being spontaneous thing, I believe in a quote I read once "plan ahead, than go with the flow" It's always been a motto of mine! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  4. Those sunset pics are heavenly!

    I'm sad that you don't post as much, although I understand that duty calls. However, you do have one of those long vacations coming up (no fair!) so I expect to see much more blogging starting next month!!!

    And, yes, the makeup lady for the wedding was a 'professional' (from MAC). She had everything!

  5. Re: the new Doctor

    I can't decide. I do like the girl. But... but...
    The Daleks are COLORS. So weird. And I kind of feel like there's a whole lot of waiting going on in this one. There used to be a lot of running. I liked the running.

    Jury's still out.

    Honestly, I don't know how I'm NOT going to like it, in the end. Moffat is the greatest writer that show's ever had.

  6. PS: Your pics are brilliant.

  7. I have often thought that orthodoxy was like a dance.

  8. @its_all_good: I like your quote. That's much of what I do. Plan ahead, but enjoy the moment.

    @Saphron: It's nice to be missed. ;-) I think I will be posting more come summer. Thanks for the info on the mega-make-up kit.

    @rae: Thanks for your comments on the new Dr. Who. I like him a lot more right off than I thought I would. The new female lead is very good. The writing, still amazing. Colored Daleks? I guess it was in the pure DNA they were progenerated from. ;-) (Thanks for the "brilliant" comment. Too cute.

    @dennis: Where ever give-and-take are needed, or balance is required, dancing can occur. (Amazingly, that's in a lot of places.)

  9. 分享的朋友,在精不在多,分享的幸福就在下一秒..............................

  10. those pics are nice! it looks so pretty!

  11. @we_the_pieces: It's not the Taj Mahol... but it's closer to home. Thanks for the comment. (It's almost summer vacation! Have a good one.)