Sunday, November 7, 2010

I once was lost... okay... more than once...

Hello everybody! It seems like a while since I've posted. Things are calming down (except for the end-of-the-quarter flurry of activity). 

My front yard
The contract settlement is a relief to many in the district, and for sure at my school site. With that unsought "project" behind me... I've turned my thoughts and energies to other activities, including... I read another book: My life in dog years by Gary Paulsen.

In his book, Gary tells of some of the dogs who have made a lasting impression upon him. The book is dedicated to Cookie, a dog who saved Gary's life after he fell through the ice and sank. Gary acknowledges that all the accomplishments of his last 18 years are a direct result of Cookie's rescue. 

My front yard view: a park
A good reader often makes connections between a book and their own life. I sat at my desk I thought of my own "life savers," especially my wife Leslie, who  "saved" me from living in the past, from being alone, and helped launch my new career as a teacher. I am in her debt and in the debt of the One who brought us together. (We saved each other.)

The poem:

In a time of grave danger...

A dog saved a man
who then lived many years.
After 18 years... the man still remembers the dog who saved him... and gave him... 18 years... and counting.
Thanks dog.

God saved a man
who then  lived many years.
After 40 years... the man still remembers the God who saved him... and the people God used...

Thanks God.
Thanks people.


  1. Amazing, and yes I always find similarities between stories I read and my own life too, great point! Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. I am reminded of the dyslexic agnostic who had trouble sleeping at night pondering the problem of whether doG really existed.
    It is a nice poem. It's quite more than nice. And it sets one thinking of "all good gifts".

  3. @Rawan: My weekend was fun-filled. (And productive.) I'm not surprised you connect to the stories you read. You are a connector!

    @Dennis: Glad you liked the poem, etc. I was surprised as I thought of the times God has saved me from grave danger, even pits of despair, hopelessness, and aimlessness. And most of the time, He sent people along, at just the right time.

  4. Good you're back.
    Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing it. I often find similarities between stories or poems I read and my own life too.

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Sometimes people come and go in our lives and yet when one thinks back... there's a lot of "what would I have done without [insert name here]"... Even some who passed rather quickly by had their part to play.

  6. It is a gift when you can see the impact certain lives can have on how you walk through this life. Loved the poem and the story Don. Hope you're doing well :)

  7. Love this line: "A good reader often makes connections between a book and their own life." I can't tell you how many times I've done the same. Loved the poem, and I just may have to pick up a copy of that book as well.

    You touched my heart with your expression of love toward your wife. My husband (with God's help of course) hss definitely been a "life-saver" for me. I cherish him with all I have.

  8. @Betty: Thanks for stopping by and for sharing. If a book doesn't connect to my life... then I feel like I'm missing something... or the book isn't for me.

    @Dawn: I agree with your comment about how a short encounter can be very meaningful, even impactful. It's not always the duration that matters, but the depth.

    @September: Thanks for the comment and well wishes. I am doing fine. Life is returning to the "new" normal: busy in parts, relaxing in others.

    @Angela: A good spouse is quite often a life-saver. It's sort of a mutual life-saving endeavor: marriage. Thanks for your comments.