Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Year Ends... Another Begins...

"When I started this letter, I didn't have anything to say. Now I am running out of paper, and need to stop." (A quote from my cousin Denny's Christmas newsletter.)

I haven't written much on this blog of late, in part, because I've been waiting for the dust to settle on a few issues close to my heart. Writing is revealing, and sometimes, one must wait to see how things will play out before commenting or reflecting. Musings take time to formulate. ;-)

I suspect, that like my cousin Dennis, I have more to say than I think.

First of all, I'm grateful that the contract dispute has been settled and settled fairly. It really was quite miraculous in the end, with the District bending to public pressure to offer a fair settlement that was readily accepted. (It didn't need to be that hard, but we were/are dealing with a hard woman.)

Second, I'm enjoying the process of obtaining a Preliminary Academic Service Credential (PASC) via the Orange County Department of Education ( OCDE). We meeting a Friday night and a Saturday day monthly for 14 months. I'm in about month four.  Besides the classes, there is outside reading and projects. I aim to live my life in the now, with an eye towards the future. It's too easy to sit and ponder the past. I'm a happier camper when I'm moving forward toward worthwhile goals.

Third, I'm grateful for the Christmas visit of family: my mom, my sister(s), extended family... and my son Joel, and daughter Danielle. Joel lives in British Columbia and has not been "home" in four years. (He is no longer a college student -- masters in hydrology -- and now has more time and money to fund visits home.) Danielle has finished up her latest adventures in leading youth crews in the forest of Oregon, and her work at a vineyard in Northern California. It's been wonderful to have the two adult kids home for 10 days plus. We've not only enjoyed spending time with them, but it's been great to see them enjoying each other as adults. These were golden moments worth waiting for.

Lastly... I'm grateful for some world-shattering news... my world anyways... my son-in-law recently interviewed for a position at a local college... and got an offer. He accepted and this summer, he will move his family... my daughter and four grandchildren to California. They will probably end up living within minutes of me, instead of half a country away.

When I heard the news... we had been waiting to hear since Thanksgiving... I cried. Some longings are so deep, so close to your heart that you don't even entertain them. They represent your deepest longings, hopes, and desires. They are not the must-haves, but the oh-that-would-be-too-wonderfuls. 

Some things break your heart, some things bring healing to your heart. 

As the one year ends, and another begins, I am both grateful and expectant. 

Now, I'm "out of paper."

(Pictures to follow!)


  1. Don - It's so wonderful that your family will be coming to live near you! You are so right, some things are almost too wonderful to hope for, but Grace happens! I also agree that it's important to stay in the NOW and not spending too much time looking back. All the best to you in 2011!

  2. I'm really happy for you, Don. :) Now you get to watch the little tykes grow up, and one day you'll be watching them be adults together, too.

    To answer your long-ago question - I believe it was Ms. H that introduced you to Eric Hutchinson. Would that it were me instead. ;)

  3. @Deedee: Thanks for the comments. 2011 promises to be a year of new beginnings for both of us. I've started following your new blog!

    @Saphron: One of my goals is to stay healthy so I can be around for a long time, watching the tykes grow into adulthood. I'm already so grateful to watch my own kids become such great adults. Watching them as parents is fun too!

    (Ahhh... Ms. H... Eric H. It's all clear now!

  4. Good News, Don. I wish you a happy new year! If you see my little ship-avatar stalking you "double" in your followers list it is because I have moved on with my blogs to a new blog account around New Year. You'll find your way by links from the old places.

  5. Are John and Joanna moving to California? Already? Topsy-turvy academia!
    Well, it has to be them. What other son-in-law do you have?
    Amazing? Glorious!
    By the way, I feel so honored to be quoted by you!
    As far as taking time to muse..I always liked what Gracie Allen said: "I never know what I'm thinking till I hear myself say it."

  6. @Dawn: Thanks. Congrats on the new blog. I'll be following you!

    @Dennis: Truly glorious! Happy New Year!

  7. How wonderful Don!! I'm thrilled that your son and his family will be so close to you. Wishing you and your family all the best in 2011 :)