Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's up?

It's been many moons since I've posted here. (Well, really just two.)

Let me do some personal recounting... (Might have to consult a calendar...)

Two weekend classes for my credential class, plus reading and writing for the same.

A long weekend trip (timeshare) in Solana Beach, north of San Diego.

Plus the odds and ends called life.

The odds and ends are often the joys of life: gardening, BBC with Leslie, researching and purchasing things -- new fridge, new car, new electric frying pan, new scanner. (Oh, and a new semi-Smart phone.)

I've also been enjoying the mildish season that passes for winter here. Watching what passes for weather in other parts of the country and world make me enjoy Southern California's "winters" all the more.

I've also discovered a new web-site called CalorieKing. (I've lost 35,000 calories! Go do the math! ;-)  )

Now I'm off to the grocery store: Fresh and Easy... another one of the odds and ends that give me pleasure.

Simple joys. A simple life. And I'm grateful.

(No pictures on this post. But the view out my window is lovely: pink bower vine hanging from my patio roof with birds flitting about, the grass is mostly brown, but the geraniums are in bloom. Can you see it?)


  1. You sound good Don. I'm glad that all is well and you're enjoying life. You have me curious about that calorie site. I'll check it out. I just spent the past 4 weeks as a trial juror for a manslaughter case. We wound up being a hung jury. It was a very exhausting experience. So glad to be blogging again and getting back to normal.

  2. @September: Thanks for stopping by: brightened my day. Jury work is exhausting, and by the sounds of it, unsatisfying. Four weeks is a long trial and a major interruption in an already busy life. Normal is often under-appreciated until things get de-normalized. ;-)

  3. Don, to do the math I need to know how many calories in a pound. What would you say that was?

  4. @Dennis: That's part of the challenge!

  5. Looks like you've had a lot going on, but sounds like good things and that's always good. I hope your vacation was enjoyable. I will say that I will take a Californian winter any day over the frigid ones on the East coast! I'm back from my break, and am glad to be back blogging and visiting friends again. I truly have missed it. :)

  6. @Angela: Glad to have you back on the "block." I'm grateful. (I enjoyed your many posts on gratitude.)