Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers' Day: My Daughter, the Mom!

Happy Mothers' Day to all you moms out there. (And all you women out there who provide support and care to children, whether they are your own, or not!) There's more to motherhood than biology.

A special thanks to step-moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, single moms, plus the aunts, grandmothers, and ladies who just love kids!

Here's a video I made to pay tribute to my daughter Joanna: a great mom herself!


  1. That's nice Don. You are a good dad and grandpa.

  2. @Dennis: Thanks. And thanks be to God.

  3. (And Joanna says, "Awww, thanks Dad! Very, very sweet memories (I can't believe how little the boys were last summer!). Thanks for launching your oldest "boomerang" so many years ago and preparing me for all this. Love you."

  4. Wonderfully done, Don!! Oh, how I hear the love Joanna has in those words that you shared...beautiful.