Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pleasant surprises...

I've heard that sometimes our "dis" appointments are "His" appointments.

I was recently saddened by the loss of my racquetball partner, Vicci. Nothing serious. She moved to Moscow, Idaho to take a new job. But we've been playing racquetball once, sometimes twice a week for three years. We had fun. We worked off calories and enjoyed it. But it's over. Wah! That was a month ago.

In my "sorrow" I've been looking around for someone else to play with, and last week I got an e-mail invite to go to my high school's homecoming football game. I jumped at the chance because one of my favorite classmates, Tim, was organizing the "event."

As I was driving to the game last Thursday, I recalled that Tim had been pretty athletic and had even played quite a bit of handball, back in the day. So during the game I talked some smack and floated the idea with Tim. I followed it up with an e-mail, and we played today.

It was fun! We both worked off some calories. No one got mad. We might do it again.

Losses and crosses often bring with them dark hours, but... in our disappointments, we usually find that God has His appointments. (And if losing a racquetball partner is my biggest "problem," then life is good!) My loss is very minor, but it mattered to me, so I've been on the look out... And now, things are looking up!

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  1. You gotta love how God works. Just this evening I found out that something I'd planned to happen with perfect timing actually occured way ahead of schedule. I was bummed. But the recipient of my botched planning couldn't be happier because she needed it now, not later, not when I thought she did. God so knows what he's doing. We forget that, and He just keeps reminding us. :-)