Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do you like change?

Someone asked me yesterday, “Do you like change?”

They were asking because I was watching the inauguration of President Obama.

My reply was, “Some change I like. I like orderly change. For example, I don’t like change that comes based on news from a doctor.”

A few other changes I don’t like are changes based on an emergency call in the night, or a traffic accident, or some unanticipated business announcements.

I like managed change and participatory change.

Although I didn’t vote for Obama, I was proud of him, America, and the smooth transition of governing that the inauguration showcased.

As I awoke this morning, I thought, Such “big” changes yesterday. Historic changes. And yet my day seems remarkably the same.

That’s the kind of change I like.


  1. Hi Don,
    It might be hard for Americans to appreciate how much of an impact yesterday's inauguration meant to so many many people beyond your shores.

    There's no doubt that the world needs a leader of courage and conviction, able to effect change in a time of turmoil and upheaval.

    Over in Europe we're still waiting for someone of Churchillian stature to step up to the plate and provide a clarion call to settle the nerves, strengthen the sinew, and give a sense of purpose at a time of great unrest.

    Goodness knows, our Prime Minister is more akin to your local bank manager than a leader on the world stage.

    So you see, even though we didn't vote either for President Obama, we could look at yesterday's event unfold and feel some sense that just maybe the future will be better.

    I loved reading the Funeral Oration of Pericles as a young student, and as I listened to the new President yesterday, I felt I had some inkling of what those Athenians back in the 5th Century BC might have felt; their strength sapped, their courage weakened, and an overwhelming sense of 'what was this all for? Was it worth it?' In some ways, we in the West find ourselves in a similar state. Enemies seemingly on every corner, financial and military difficulties. It is at times like these that nations cry out for true heroes.

    And I think that whatever one may feel about the politics of the 44th President, there is little doubt that yesterday a hero stood up to be counted.

  2. I like that kind of change, too. :)

  3. Again...I love your photo's!! And..agreeable to the post...again ;o).

    I embrace change is about changing and really it as all for the better at some point. It doesn't always feel right or good, but the end result, if followed well, will be beautiful and bring the greatest Glory to our Awesome Creator ;o). yeah and amen