Friday, January 23, 2009

Optimism: Songs that programmed me

In the classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, a computer named HAL runs amok. In order to save the day, the computer's memory is disabled a little bit at a time until all that's left is it's first memory: a song.

Last summer I spent some time searching my own memory banks for the source of my optimistic outlook on life. (I also thought about the times in my life when I've been full of despair.) In both instances I could trace a part of my outlook on life to the lyrics of songs that I allowed to impact me.

One of the reasons I was doing this was because I had signed up for a monthly music service that gave me access to two million songs. What was I going to listen to and why?

As as result of my inquiry I was able to pull together a meager playlist of ten inspirational songs that have inspired me to hope, positivity, and perseverance. Over the next few days, I'll be sharing these lyrics, one song at a time.

What songs would be (or should be) on your personal inspirational playlist?

HAL went half-crazy. I wonder why?


  1. Food for thought. I shall have to take my time and do a future posting on that one.

  2. Like Scriptor Senex I would have to give this some thought.

    My playlist would have changed dramatically as the years have gone by..I think sometimes my moods influence my music choices. There is solace at times in lyrics of songs that you can relate too when going through a rough life spot.
    I always find it funny when you hear the artist talk about why he or she wrote the song and what it might really be about and compare that to what I might have thought the song was about. But that is the beauty of poetry (music). It's left to the individuals interpretation, which in turn allows us to personalize it and bring meaning to the words of others.

  3. I've never seen '2001.' Thanks for summing it up for me! That's a pretty cool plot. Sci-fi is awesome.

    I don't know if I ever did, but I was going to leave you a comment and say that I was sad you'd be blogging less....but, seems like you couldn't stay away long! Hee hee. To our benefit, as always. :)