Thursday, February 5, 2009

101st Post: Listen to your inner DJ

Today is a personal milestone: This is my 101st post.

A year or two ago I begin writing and using self-affirmations as a way to stimulate personal growth. At some point I added this affirmation to my list of affirmations: “I enjoy writing to inspire and instruct. I enjoy the feedback I get from the readers.”

Do affirmations work? (Read the previous 100 posts!);-)

Lately I’ve been writing about the songs that programmed me into optimism. Today I want to share one of the Secrets of Consulting gleaned from Gerald Weinberg’s book by the same title. He’s got a little section late in the book entitled, Using Your Unconscious Mind: The Songmeister.

From my previous posts on songs, it becomes obvious that I know lots of songs, most of us do. From time to time those songs creep into my consciousness: I find myself humming a tune, and I don’t know why.

Jerry suggests that the tunes that surface can contain useful clues for solving some problem that the conscious mind might be missing. He cleverly names the subconscious DJ that picks the tunes, The Songmeister.

My brain works that way. During the day, I’ve learned to listen to my internal DJ.

Sometimes the links are obvious… This morning I found myself humming the Happy Birthday song. (Yesterday was my oldest daughter’s birthday. I’m still celebrating.)

Sometimes the song holds a link that I have to ponder to find, but it’s usually there.

Right now I have a sad but comforting song haunting me. (I think it’s because of the sudden death of a co-worker’s spouse. I’m feeling my co-worker’s pain, and I’m reminded of my own loss a decade ago.)

Women are often better than men at having a 6th sense. They pick up clues many men miss. (Hey, a lot of men miss the obvious clues, let alone the obscure ones!)

Listening to you inner DJ can help you access information that’s percolating in your subconscious.

What songs are being served up by your Songmeister?

Tune in. Ponder. Become aware. Look for clues.


  1. Hey, I like that...."The Songmeister". I agree that those songs that seem to come "out of the blue", contain meaning toward our inner self.

    Many a time, I've awakened humming or singing a worship song...really and truly "out of the blue", sometimes even being ones that I haven't heard in a few weeks...but my soul contains it and knows that it is time to sing ;o).

    Good 100th post!

  2. Well done on reaching your 100th post! I haven't counted how many I've written. I should check that.

    Long may the Songmeister hum the tunes of inspiration!