Friday, February 6, 2009

Don’s method of aggressive muddling.

Sometimes, in order to get something done, I just muddle on through. It’s not pretty, but I get the job done.

Not every job requires my best effort. Not every job I do needs to be done perfectly, or even close. Some things just need to get done. Because of this, I’ve invented: Don’s method of aggressive muddling.

My “method” is kind of a take on a Proverb that goes like this: “Where no oxen are the crib is clean, but much increase is gotten by the strength of an ox.”

Clean barn or great gain?

This idea also helps me overcome personal inertia.

The fear of making a mistake can paralyze, but my personal battle cry of “Muddle on!” allows me to move forward.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting something done is getting started.

So unless what you’re doing is life-or-death, you may want to borrow “Don’s method of aggressive muddling.”

(Hey, and if it doesn’t work out… you can always blame me!)


  1. A very sensible philosophy. It took me years to accept that a job could be acceptable without being perfect. And, strangely enough, the longer the job has been done the less noticeable any imperfections become.

  2. aggressive muddling... I like that :)Think I may give it a shot more than once this semester...