Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine for Heidi: Grrrr

Things have been busy around my house for the last two months: lots of visitors and house guests. As a result, I've been a bit more hit-or-miss with my blogging.

What doesn't suffer as much is my commenting on the blogs of others. That takes less time, and it's easier to reflect on the work of others, than to sculpt my own.

Just for fun, here's a poem I penned in response to a challenge from another English teacher. (And since today's Valentine's Day, I dedicate this to Heide, the first one who kissed me today!)

Heide: On Guard!

Black faced, brown legged,
she lies on the bedroom floor.

Big eared, strong mouthed,
she sits up listening to something...

Big breathed, big barked,
Heide lets out an alarm:

I jump at the noise.
So close, so loud.

Such a big bark,
for such a little room.

German Shepherd's sound tough.
(And they are!)

Pity the intruder that meets
her in the darkness of night.

Pity them?

Pity them not.


1 comment:

  1. Cute.

    Enjoy your love today, and every person -- or animal -- that brings it to you!