Monday, February 9, 2009

A Mini-Vacation and a Funeral

Hi, I'm back!

One nice thing about teaching is the vacations: they happen quite often. Besides the 10 weeks of Summer vacation, two weeks at Christmas, and one week for Spring Break, there are various (and fairly numerous) three day weekends.

Today was Lincoln's Birthday. Next Monday is Presidents' Day. I have them both off. Nice.

Sometime last year, when I was planning my timeshare vacations, I booked three nights in San Diego in the Gaslamp District for this weekend.

One of the nice things about planning so far in the future (and paying in advance) is that come hell or high water, you go!

Sometimes staying at home is the easier option, but planned vacations "force" you to get up and go. So we did... and it was good!

We drove down (120 miles) on Friday afternoon, stopping for dinner at a nice restaurant just inside the northern border of San Diego County. Las Olas, the restaurant, sits on the beach on the southern edge of Leucadia. (We ate there three times.) Great Mexican food, reasonable prices, a relaxing, casual, and friendly atmosphere make it a great place to eat and enjoy companionship.

Life is strange.

While my wife and I were enjoying our mini-vacation, a dear coworker was planning the funeral for her husband of 29 years. He was 58 and died suddenly last week. Just before I left work on Friday, I found out that there would be a funeral on Monday. My mini-vacation would be over, and I'd be back in town.

And I was. And I went.

One of the best ways to show that you care is to be there.

Sometimes that means being there for a mini-vacation. Sometimes it means being there for a friend's husband's funeral.

Life is strange.

Twelve years ago I was the one having a funeral for a spouse. Time marches on. Things change. Wounds heal, but they often leave marks.

Life has its golden moments (and weekends), and it has its tragedies (and heartbreaks.) It's all part of the human experience.

But it's still strange.


  1. Gosh, life has been strange.
    I've been on an emotional rollercoaster the last week or so, but have felt the power of a couple close friends who have "been there" for me.

    It's interesting... they weren't the ones I thought would be there. But I cherished their "presence" as much as any.

    Life is strange.

  2. Whew! You've been seriously posting! Apparently the people from whom I was 'borrowing' internet don't have their service right now, so I haven't been able to laze in bed and peruse blog posts, especially ones that require focus and consideration. So, hopefully I will make it back here soon to read and comment. Hope all's been well with you!