Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some times... things get finished.

Life is a journey. Projects are more often in-process than completed. But sometimes... projects are completed.

The city has almost finished the sewer/road project in front of my house. Today, they put down the first of two layers of asphalt. Tomorrow... they finish.

For Fathers' Day, I bought myself two star jasmine plants. One thing led to another, and now, many weeks later, I have a new fenced-in patio with a star jasmine. I also have a new trellis by my back door with the second star jasmine attached. The plants signify the end of that project. Completed: today!

Several weeks ago I bought an e-book: The Gabriel Method -- The Revolutionary Diet-Free Way to Totally Transform Your Body. I finished it yesterday, including the appendix. The book is done and the transformation has begun: I'm eating much better!

Ahhh... Life is a journey, and sign-posts get passed. Some times things get finished. I savor those moments. I've taken a lesson from the theater industry. When a production closes, they have a cast party. They celebrate the finish. They relax. They party.

Then... because life is a journey... the next adventure begins.

I've never been much of a personal historian. Until five years ago, I rarely took pictures. Sometimes I'd click my ears and blink: "Remember this Don." Now I have a camera and a blog. On-line scrap-booking? Sharing my milestones in photographs and paragraphs?

Yes. Party on!


  1. Life is a Journey. :)

    It amazes me how sometimes the transition between "project complete" and "new project" is a small or natural, and sometimes it's stark, and changes everything.

    There is no "One-size-fits-all" project/journey/adventure, is there?

    Then again... that might just be the best part of all.

  2. @Chase: I agree with your comment re: transitions. Maybe that's why there are many English words: commencement, graduation, moving on, completion, finish, the end, finals, water-shed moment, climax, show-stopper, etc.

    Soon, you'll be writing about project completion, moving on, good-byes, and mile-stones. Actually, you've already begun. ;-)

    Then... the journey continues...

    One-size-doesn't fit all... "Then again... that might just be the best part of all." It must might be.

  3. I think it is good to mark and celebrate each milestone completed. I feel like I'm always "in process" with some of the "one of these days I'll finish" projects that are bouncing around in my head :) I'm enjoying the journey anyway.

  4. you're much better at project finishing than i am.
    i could list about 20 pages worth of incomplete projects i have.
    around 2 complete ones......

  5. @septembermom: As a busy mom, you're completing projects, even dozens a day. Maybe not the wish-I-could-find-time-and-money-to type of projects, but meals, menus, and the general madness of being the home-maker adds up to finished projects galore! (Unfortunately, those completed projects, like laundry, tend to stay completed for about five minutes.)

    @Pieces: Well... if you complete two more... you'll double your productivity. There's no way I can double mine! (Been to India yet?)