Sunday, November 15, 2009

Travel Stories Anyone?

One of my fellow bloggers, Chase, has been after me for some time to recount a few stories from my various travels. (He just spent a year in Taiwan.)

I'm writing today on my 56th birthday.

At my age, I have lots of stories. (Many of them I repeat. Just ask my family.)

I have purposefully refrained from reminiscing on this blog. I've worked hard to stay in the moment, to spend time looking forward, and to explore rather than rest.

But after 200 plus blog entries, I feel okay about exploring another set of topics: my past.

I am a traveler. One of my favorite books is called, The Universal Traveler, but it's not a book about travels. It's a book about problem solving. Travelers solve problems. They encounter strange places and strange people. They do it on purpose. Strange only means different, unusual, not customary.

I have encountered many non-customary people in my travels. I converse with people. I "interview" them, and I learn.

One non-customary group of people I've met in my travels are witches.

I was reminded of them while watching an episode of a British sci-fi drama series called Dr. Who. My wife has visited Scotland several times in her life. As a result she has some interest in things British, like their TV.

Here's a taste of Dr. Who and some witches he encountered. (Next post... I'll talk about some that I've met on my travels.)

PS: The eucalyptus trees are in bloom.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I look forward to hearing about your travels. It must be interesting and fun to interview new people and learn about various cultures.

    Scotland must be amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear the video. I'll come back to try later :) Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  2. @september: Kelly, Thanks. People are interesting, and they know stuff. My youngest daughter majored in Anthropology, she's using that mind-set (paradigm) as she travels about now.

    Blogging is a bit like travel. And I understand that travel articles are always sought after.

    To listen to my wife, Scotland is interesting. It's a bit like traveling in time too.

    All in all, I think the various sects of the human family are more alike than different, but the differences are fun to tease out.

  3. Happy birthday!!

    Gotta say, I wasn't expecting you to say witches. LOL.

  4. As someone who's spent a year reading your blogs, always enjoying your ventures in the moment, I'm looking forward to hearing your travels of the past! Stories, you most certainly have.
    And I'll be around to read them.

    PS Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. @Saphron: Thanks for the b-day wishes. Glad I could "startle" you with my non-customary group choice.

    @Chase: Maybe our lives a bit like a patch-work quilt, or the tats on the Illustrated Man (Bradbury). Each of us a collection of stories. Maybe some of have a few more interesting ones, because we've been willing to wander off a bit.

    I was at a birthday party for my 90 year old aunt and was telling some stories about my kids. I looked around and four or five people were listening in. Perhaps via my writing, I've become a better story teller.