Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bucket List Bonuses

I don't really have a bucket list. I've pretty much done things I've wanted to as life unfolded.

However, just recently I've had two personal highlights that put a grin on my face just thinking about them:

1) Getting to be the "front man" in a school talent show. The teachers put on a dance. Each grade level (all ladies) had nice choreography. I did the intro and refrain and just free styled. We had a laughing and adoring audience of 400 plus elementary school students. It was hilarious and fun. (Did I mention most of us wore wigs?) Me in a dance number? Bucket-list stuff.

2) Grand-slam with two outs... Today was teachers vs. the 6th grade. We're talking big fish in a very small pond. The first few innings were close, but in around the fourth I came to bat with two outs and bases loaded. The stuff of dreams. No real pressure, but what an opportunity. I took a nice high pitch and sent it within two feet of the center fielder's glove. She missed it, and I trotted the bases. I'd be lying if I didn't say that was a kick in the pants.

A few weeks ago I applied for a job in a neighboring district. I didn't even get an interview, and weeks like the last two, make me glad. What fun! (I'm one lucky guy to work with such a great staff and great kids.)  I'm also glad I love and live by such songs as "I hope you dance." (And... play ball!)

Two more days and this school year is in the history books for me. ;-)


  1. Those are some life winning moments for sure. Sounds like you have the golden life in many ways :) You deserve it!

    Would love to see a picture of you and your colleagues in those wigs! LOL.

  2. A grand slam with two outs is the best thing ever. definite bucket list material.

  3. @Dawn: Thanks. I'm off to a good start!

    @September: Yes, I'm having some golden moments. The background colors of my life have some darker shades of sorrow which make the present circumstances so precious and appreciated. Live and learn! (I have a mini-DVD of the performance, but with student faces... it can't be posted. Needless to say... funny stuff.)

    @we_the_pieces: Spoken like a true ballplayer. I still smile about it. (The mini-movie in my mind can see the ball sailing just two feet to the right of the fielder's out-stretched glove. ;-) Oh, yeah.