Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Second Sunday of My Summer!

Woo-hoo! Summer's here.

For me, that includes Summer vacation. As much as I love teaching, I also love the time off... even in gigantic 10 week chunks.

What has made this a great summer so far has been the arrival of my oldest daughter and her family. I had enough time between the students' departure and the family's arrival to take care of most of the preparations for welcoming a family of six into our day-to-day world. The entourage of family includes my daughter, son-in-law, two girls (6 and 4), plus... twin boys (7 months)! Oh, yeah!

The boys, Danny and Jimmy are first time visitors to California and their arrival marked day 20ish of a family road-trip from Illinois to Maryland to California. Yikes!

After the long road trip, the Haan family was ready for some chill time and trying to get the small ones back on some sort of sleeping schedule. My wife and I have enjoyed lots of play-time with the kids, especially enjoying seeing the twins for the first time. Sometimes you think you're seeing double. It's very fun... and double the work. (This is where being a grandparent is a bonus. You can help all you want, but the late nights and crying kids are not really your direct worry.)

I've had to neglect reading everyone's blogs: too much action going on here, and my computer actually lives in the twins "bedroom." I did pen three or four entries over on my other blog, but that was mostly just to free my mind of the information and emotion. Blogging is a lot like journaling, which doctors recommend for relieving stress? Anyway, it's worked for me. I have a few more entries I want to do over there, but I can't totally neglect this blog! (This is my other baby.) ;-)

Hope each of you are enjoying your Summer beginnings, including better weather, more outside time, and a slower pace? (Or two out of three?)


  1. Have a great summer vacation!!
    Lovely pictures! What cuties!
    And a lovely post as usual!

  2. Enjoy every minute Don! So nice for all of you. We have beautiful weather here in NY today.

  3. Looks like lots of fun!! If your grand kids are looking for some playmates let me know! :) Hope summer is treating you well!!

  4. @Betty: I'm taking your advice: Have a great summer.

    @September: I'm enjoying the minutes. Lots of "Sunday afternoon visits" end-to-end. It's wonderful.

    @My place to scream: We are having fun... and a few naps. The kids are enjoying a little face time with their parents, who have been awfully busy for 7 months with twin boys. My wife and I babysit... and they get play dates with each other: an almost forgotten past-time. (But thanks for the offer!)

  5. O_O That road trip sounds AMAZING.

    Enjoy your wonderful summer!

  6. @Saphron: Summer I have. Enjoy it I will. (Yoda-speak);-)