Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Sunday... and a Happy 4th!

Twelve years ago, my fiance arrived on a plane from Chicago with my son. She had left Long Island by car to pick him up in Newark, New Jersey. (They were meeting for the 1st time. He was 16.) I had sent my son via airplane to help Leslie drive her car to Champaign, Illinois where she was going to give her car to her future step-daughter. (The car didn't meet California smog requirements, so Leslie decided to give it to Joanna, a student at the University of Illinois.)

Joanna then drove Leslie and Joel to Chicago where they flew to LAX. They arrived July 4th, 1998. That December Leslie and I married. Six months or so later, Joel went away to college. That left Leslie, I, and 11 year-old daughter Danielle to be the new Evans family. Six year later, Danielle left for Florida. She returned a year or so later and lived back at home for about a year before setting off to complete her four year college degree.

Now, all the kids are out and about: Oregon, Maryland, and British Columbia.

Now, it's "just" Leslie and I holding down the home front.

Today, in addition to celebrating the start of a country... I'm celebrating the start of a new life with Leslie: by the grace of God... my second chance. I'm very grateful.

Happy 4th of July!

(Here's some pics of the visiting grand-kids. Oh yeah!)


  1. Looks like "just" you and Leslie are doing fine :) Lovely love story that keeps going on. Love all the grandkid pictures. Happy 4th Don!

  2. @September: Thanks, we are... and the story continues to be written... a day at a time... these days... with grand-kids galore! ;-)

  3. Cute kids! And that was quite the major travel plan you guys made back when. My eyes almost crossed. :P

    Thanks for commenting on my travel pics. I'm gonna be hard-pressed next time to get a fresh perspective...

  4. @Dennis: Back at ya. Hope your return trip was smooth, and you return to work-a-day life renewed.

    @Saphron: Yes, we made the plans, and everyone played along. 12 years later... turns out to have been a good plan. ;-) Keep up the pics! (Cute is as cute does...) But yes, they are cuties! ;-)