Saturday, August 7, 2010

Final Three Weeks of Vacation... Life is good!

I was thinking, Perhaps having a 10 week summer vacation has spoiled me? because as the final three week mark arrived, I felt sad. "Ahh..., only three weeks left!"

Family fun... for the fit!
But I appreciate my 10 week summer break, so am I spoiled or just... blessed?

I count the summer break as a blessing. It's very nice and I'm grateful.

Back in my life in the business world, I was elated when I hit the longevity mark (5 years) that earned me a third week of vacation. Now I sigh, "Oh, my last three weeks."

That's partially where I get my post's title, "Life is good."

If my biggest problem is "only" three weeks of vacation left, then "Life is good."

I'm happy that life ebbs and flows. I've had periods of my life when things were tough, very tough. But things change, sometimes for the better, and once again, life smooths out.

I'll probably face difficult times again. Job said, "As sure as the sparks fly upward, so man is born for trouble."

But for now, I'm grateful for the blessings I'm enjoying.
Happy Hikers! (Jimmy!)

Each day has its highlights and its troubles. Sometimes the mix is far from 50/50. (And I would be unhappy with 50/50... that's a lot of trouble!)
Happy Hikers! (Danny!)

It's been a great summer: one of the best of my life. Here's the chief blessing I'm grateful for:

Five weeks of bonding with grand-kids (and their parents).

The twins turned eight months while they were here. This was the first time I'd seen them. I wasn't there (Illinois in November) when they were born.

Abby and Rachel are having birthdays in August: I won't be there for the fun. (They're now in Maryland.)

I could be sad and depressed about all that I've missed and will miss in watching these children and their parents mature. But I choose not to.

Mimosa blossom on the trail.
Instead I choose to be grateful for the five weeks we had together: 24/7. That's a huge chunk of time that many grandparents never get to have. But I did, and I savored it.

 Hopefully, there will be more time... all in due time.

I think that's been the biggest lesson I've learned this summer: "All in due time."

Projects, relationships, and even problems have a pace. It's a wise man/woman who can adjust to the pace gracefully.

We all have projects, relationships, and problems that weave through the tapestry of our lives. Some are quickly resolved, some... not so much.

If we learn to adjust to the pace (fast or slow), life becomes much easier to navigate and even enjoy.

Looking up... See the red-tailed hawk?

I'm enjoying my summer. I hope you are too!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Well, it's funny, the beginning of the summer I was jealous of my teacher friends who still got those summers off I once enjoyed. Now, very strangely, I have the "summer off" as well. I'd much rather have a job, but...still strange how things turn out.

    I'm counting on that "all in due time" you talked about. I'm holding you to it!! :P

    (BTW - for most school districts in MO, the salary is pro-rated so that we get paid through the summer also. Verrrrrrry nice)

  2. Hello Don!!
    Yes I actually found your place and I like it, it is very nice and charming :)
    About what you say in your post here: yeah, life is all about that; problems, things you can't control... but also good experiences and you learn something from all of them. I think the best option is try to do your best every day :)
    Thanks for your following

  3. I love your attitude. Despite only having 3 weeks left of vacay, you still find a way to keep it positive! We're hovering around the 3 week mark too...

    It's hard to believe this summer is already gone. I would agree though, it was a great one filled with lots of busy but really cool moments and people.

    Have a blast with what's left! :)

  4. Creating joy in the chaos of life is really what we are called to do. Lovely post. Enjoy every minute of your vacation.

  5. @Saphron: "His delays are not denials..." is a good quote to remember when you wish things were moving at a quicker pace, especially when things appear to be urgent... like a job hunt. Having faith is more difficult in the face of adversity. More difficult, but not impossible. Keep the faith!

    @MissCorleone: I'm glad you found my blog as well. I agree with you, "I think the best option is try to do your best every day." Day-to-day living is all we really can do. Of course we do some planning, and reacting, and remembering, but today is the building block of life. (Hope you enjoyed your vacation!)

    @Mrs. N: We both had "salmon colored summers." Yours with your wedding, mine with my daughter's five week visit. Yours perhaps more life altering, but both "salmon-colored." The best part of a wedding, is the being married afterward, so... Enjoy!

    @September: I love helping my readers reach little epiphanies (and reminders) such as yours, "Creating joy in the chaos of life is really what we are called to do." Life calls... we answer. (Life especially calls you, "Mommy, ...")

  6. Happy Sunday Don!! What a wonderful post!! What a joy to have that time with them...they are darling!! So very glad you had that gift!
    Thank you for you kind words on my are right..and I totally understood what you were saying...I often think the same way..spirals keep coming back to the same gifts..sometimes the same problems if I ignore them.
    As for tapestries..I often use that analogy we weave in and remove and start again..the light and darker parts of our lives!
    May the next three weeks be pure joy!
    Truly, Sarah

  7. @Sarah: Thanks for stopping by. (And happy upcoming birthday!) I'm moving through the decade you're entering: great times, great times. Enjoy!