Sunday, August 15, 2010

I read a book by Gerald Weinberg... and it was excellent!

Flowers rock!
On August 3rd a post showed up in my blogger window from a blog I follow called Weinberg on Writing. The post began, "If any of you are still out there, you're probably aware that I've been absent because I've been battling (and winning) a thymic carcinoma."

I was still "out there" and sent out an e-mail to Jerry. He was kind enough to respond. Jerry is an author, consultant, and much more. Wikipedia describes him thusly: "Gerald Marvin (Jerry) Weinberg (27 October 1933) is an American computer scientist, author and teacher of the psychology and anthropology of computer software development."

He's kind of a nerd with personality and insight. His blog states his life's purpose as, "Helping smart people be happy." He's made mine happier.

I own three of Jerry's works of non-fiction: An Introduction to General Systems Thinking, Secrets of Consulting, and More Secrets of Consulting. (I used to be a Systems Engineer, and Jerry, through his books, helped me become a better one.)

At CSUF Arboretum

Back in December of 2008 I did a post called "Let kindness rule" that mentioned Jerry, and he posted a comment! (I was elated, after I found out it wasn't a prank. I was suspicious!)

As a result of that post, I began to follow one of Jerry's blogs: Weinberg on Writing. And that brings us to the topic of this post: I read a book.

This time a read a work of fiction by Jerry called "First Stringers."

When I heard about Jerry's bout with cancer, I wrote him an e-mail, and he wrote me back. At the bottom of his e-mail there was a line, "Treat yourself to one of my engaging eNovels...

See free sample chapters at: link."

Buster 1 and Buster 2

I read the free chapters, and then I ordered one of Jerry's novels: "First Stringers: Eyes that cannot see." It was captivating. It was enthralling. It absorbed my attention almost non-stop for 36 hours. Dang. (It's a 614 page e-book.)

I could talk about the book: setting, characters, plot, and themes, but I don't want to give too much away. You can read the free chapters and see what you think.

The sub-theme that I most appreciated? Abilities and Disabilities.

Remember Jerry's main theme is "Helping Smart People Be Happy." Jerry's a smart guy. He knows stuff about stuff. But most of all, he knows that smart people, people who think, people who ponder... yes, even people who blog, need help. We need help in learning how to be happy: Learning how to view our gifts, our world, and our part.

Jerry's novel continues in that vein. He has created robust, smart characters, installed them in the present day Southwest (Four Corner States), and has given them meaningful problems to solve. Against that backdrop Jerry continues his quest to help smart people be happy, this time, as we are carried along with the main characters through a suspenseful plot that twists and turns on its way to a satisfying conclusion.

A double delight!

All this... and there is a sequel!

Happy Sunday.

(And thanks Jerry.)


  1. It looks like a very interesting book!
    Thanks for sharing it :)
    Btw your grandsons are so cute!!

    Hope you have a great Tuesday!

  2. Downloaded and read the sample chapters.
    Think I gotta have this book.
    Thanks. CJ

  3. @CJ: Cindy... glad you liked it. Ready that long of an e-book made me wish I had a Kindle. I hope you enjoy the whole thing. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. (I'll link to your blog in case you update it.) ;-)

  4. @Betty: Thanks for the comment and compliments on those boys. They are delightful.

    @Saphron: This is a good book, especially for any science geeks you have in class. (But really, for any out-of-the-ordinary students: musers.) ;-)