Sunday, October 17, 2010

Allured to the Vista Point...

Joshua Tree National Park

Not content with the view from below,
I snapped a picture and made the ascent.

The trek long.
The path always upward.

The view?


Ample reward
for the allured.

(A truism I enjoy is this, "Show me someone who is bored, and I'll show you someone who lacks meaningful challenges.")

These days I've got my challenges: some imposed, some chosen. I'll endure the imposed ones, but I aim to enjoy the chosen ones. Some paths are chosen for you, some you get to chose. Regardless, the path is generally upwards with occasional vista points, and at the end... triumph.

Keep climbing!

(I wrote Allured last Friday in response to a photo over here. The picture on this post was of rock climber at Joshua Tree.)


  1. Children want to get to the top of things:sit on daddy's shoulders, play king of the hill. It is funny how I relate to heights. I love rides that take me high, I walk along the edge of a 200 foot cliff at Palouse Falls, I feel edgy on a ladder clearing leaves from a rain gutter or changing the bulb on a ceiling light fixture. I have walked trails to the tops of 10,000 foot mountains (but not during the past 20 years.

  2. It's good to know that triumph will be waiting. Great poem Don :)

  3. @Dennis: You're right... being up high is joy to humans... maybe we are wired that way. "God has put eternity in our hearts" type of thing.

    @Septemenber: Triumph at the end... I try to remember, "This is not heaven. Heaven is later." It makes me more tolerant of life's obscenities and more delighted with its victories.