Friday, October 8, 2010

Normalcy anyone?

Well, things are getting back to the new normal. Life is full of changes, and most of mine are work related. The majority of them are normal kind of changes: new co-worker, new schedule, missing team members... that sort of thing.

The ill-wind of spiteful negotiating continues, and although my kite-in-the-wind metaphor for the year helps some; I'm still blown about at times.

There are still lots of good things happening at work though: great co-workers, student growth, reasonable parents, and lots of laughs. Much of the sanity at work is a credit to my boss/principal: Kim. She's one of the main reasons I transferred to this campus, and that decision pays dividends daily. 

Those of you who follow my other blog know that I've devoted some time to seeking clarity and fairness in the contract negotiations. That's gone pretty well... it's up to the voters now... and time will tell if the families of the district want change and can make it happen by electing a change-prone school board. 

In the mean time, I play my part... and live my life.

A good Christmas looms with a planned visit from my son who lives in Canada. Woo-hoo!

I've also started a new credential program: Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC). That's going very well, and that will be a new topic on this blog.

Reading everyone's blogs lately has stirred up my mental juices to post... Now I need to get out and get some pics of So Cal in October!

More to follow...


  1. I'm sure you put your wonderful Don spin on all that normalcy around you just to keep everyone on their toes :)

  2. Don I like your leaf pictures, especially the one of the water droplet almost a living thing in itself. As for "Don-spin" I think you are wise, and the real mistake is to render ourselves incapable of thanks when there are blessings to be enjoyed (even though we can only possess them in the midst of trouble. And this has nothing at all to do with "positive thinking": it is redeemed thinking.

  3. @september: I like your phrase, "your wonderful Don spin..." I remember back in my college days discovering that different people "spun" or interpreted the Universe differently. If you hung out with them... it was like living in a slightly improved parallel Universe. I guess I'm one of those too. Alright!

    @Dennis: Thanks for the comment on the pics. I went out this weekend and took some new pics for future blog entries. Go Grandpa Evans! (My thinking has improved over the years... It's amazing what you can learn if you pay attention.)