Sunday, June 19, 2011

On the Second Day of Summer Vacation... Fathers' Day

A view from my patio.
"School's out for the summer!" So goes the rock ballad, and so begins my summer break: 10 weeks of time off without pay. (Good thing I save during the year... so those 10 weeks are really a break, not a worry.)

The school year ended smoothly: final duties were fulfilled, parties happened, goodbyes were said, and I left my classroom well situated for a new beginning in the Fall. And summer began.

What lies before me? Summer plans? (I've got a few, but not much I really have to do. It should be a summer of  doing-because-I-want-to's -- a mix of relaxation, productivity, and fun.

A view from under mini-patio
I'll be watching DVDs with my wife, taking walks with my dog, working in the yard, building a fence, installing two new screen doors (?), AND helping out my daughter and her family who arrive July 3rd. Grandparents R' Us is about to open for business. (And, I'll be reading on my new Kindle!)

This weekend my cousin Dennis is in town. We had a BBQ and sing-along last night, and today we are trekking 130 miles south to Joshua Tree National Park. He's never been, and I know the way!

Today is Fathers' Day. Last year Dennis and I did a shorter day trip on his annual visit from eastern Washington. I think it's a fitting tribute to our fathers. Dennis' dad and my dad were brothers. Both have passed on, but we, their only sons, are "hanging out" today. It wasn't a big, planned tribute. It just is. And I think that our Dads would be glad. I am.

Heidi: my security system!

A liquid amber: with seating for two.
Geranium blossom
Happy Fathers' Day to those of you who provide positive male role models for youth. As a dad and educator, I know of few other higher callings. Fathers should be in the business of youth development: helping our beloved sons and daughters become the people they choose to be.

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  1. Glad to see you've got a summer well planned! That's great that you and your cousin can "hang out" for father's day. How was Joshua Tree? It's been ages since I was there last.