Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A new house?

Here are some pictures of a rental: exterior only. This is a temporary post for someone special!

Kalana is checking on dishwasher situation.
No fridge.
No washer/dryer. Hookups are in garage. (May be back door access.)
Floors were redone two years ago. (The tenant is moving out... bought a house of is own.)
She has an appraisal with a schematic, if you're interested.
They are a family owned business with 35 or so properties; well kept up, pride of ownership, even in a property management company.

South side
Front door (nice light)

From driveway to front door (sidewalk)

A/C into living room (hidden by palms)

Along driveway to gate

Looking from garage door (nice driveway)

Over the gate to back yard

Over the gate to back corner

Over the gate (patio 2 years old) no patio roof

Front door has rain guards

South side had planters and gate access

Roof has attic fans (2) for cooling

Front yard (auto sprinklers - front & back)

Front door zoom: tenant is the gardener!

A cute cat! (Bonus pic.)

Yes, the appointment was canceled.


  1. @Marinela: Glad you liked the pics. They are for a rental home my daughter and her family are looking at. They are moving to California from Maryland. In the end... they leased this house... and soon, will live but two blocks away! (I am elated!)