Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Haiku -- Pink Tabebuia Tree

Pink tabebuia
teeming with blossoms and bees
demonstrates the spring.


  1. beautiful. absolutely beautiful. Are those trees yours? If so, I'm a bit envious of your backyard! Great poem too... it's one of my favorite kinds of poetry.

    Thanks for the great post today too. It was a hard day, but that helped pick me up a bit, and your advice was excellent. It reminds me of what one of my friends here mentioned to me once. I guess great minds think alike! :)

    Here's to the journey, beautiful trees, and beautiful poetry.

  2. Glad the response to your post was uplifting, it was meant to be.

    The poem is mine, I wrote it today. (So thanks.)I have two more in store. (Wrote them last night.) One regarding the moon, and one regarding a St. Patrick's rose. I have two sides to my brain! (Strange man...)The moon post lands tomorrow! I was challenging myself to try some other types of writing. "Go genre jumping!" That's what I say.

    The tree is in my backyard, along with a dozen or so rose bushes, and a liquid amber for fall colors. I also have an assortment of geraniums and three bougainvilleas. I live in the So Cal! ;-)

  3. PS: When I sit in the chairs under the blooming tree, I see and hear the bees: dozens of them. They leave me alone. I'm not so sweet. ;-)

  4. I really look forward to your photography, you have the kind of innate perspective that makes photos great, in my humble opinion. :)

  5. Thanks. On the next post I'll share some nice shots taken at a local beach in October of '06. Just for fun!