Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just for fun... Rosarito Beach, Northern Baja #1

This post is just for fun.

My wife and I own several weeks of timeshare, and we use them. When I bought my first week, 15 plus years ago, the salesman gave me a book: How to get the most out of your timeshare. Simple title, but simply good information that has helped us leverage our purchase (wholesale) into lots of good times in good places. Places like La Paloma Resort in Northern Baja California, Mexico.

An hour south of the border along the Pacific Coast, La Paloma sits just south of the town of Rosarito Beach. This is where Kate Winslow stayed during the shooting of Titanic, which was filmed at Fox-ploration Studios 10 miles further south. This resort is mostly populated by white color Mexican Nationals. It's gated, guarded, beautifully landscaped, and the full-time staff are really nice. Without the wonder of timeshare, I would not be staying a week at a time is such lovely surroundings.

Rosarito Beach also has lots of wonderful eateries, and after our third or fourth visit we started to feel comfortable grocery shopping, driving up and down the coast, and using the Mexican currency.

We haven't been to Rosarito for a couple of years, but we went almost every April for four of five years. We've taken friends and family along for the trip, and whoever has gone with us has enjoyed themselves. So here, I'll share a bit with you via the magic of photography...

(Click a picture and it gets way bigger!)


  1. Oh my gosh, you make me want to go there...BAD...and I didn't know Titanic was filmed in Mexico. Very cool. I don't know much about timesharing but it sounds like something I'd love to do once I actually have money. :)

    How is the fire situation where you are? I saw video of the O.C. on the news yesterday...I'm praying everything's alright!

  2. Southern California is a big area, and the number of people affected is small in comparison to how many of us are here. Still, if you're one of the few, it's bad. I'm about 10 miles from the Brea fire, and we've had the smell of fire for two days and some ash falling from the sky as well. My niece was evacuated from Anaheim Hills.

    During the summer my daughter, Danielle, was effected by the fires near Sacramento.

    My mom just returned to her home in Mason City, Iowa after a five month hiatus due to the flood of '08.

    Stuff happens.

  3. we want to go to la paloma with you too some day! i told everyone here (re: the fires) that my family is fortunate enough to be surrounded for miles by houses and houses - no expensive empty hills or state parks near by! :) but the smell and ash are still no fun i'm guessing.

  4. Okay Jo, we'll take you there. Maybe get two units for one week. We just have to plan a year in advance (in July). ;-) I did it once, and my sisters canceled.