Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Affirmations!

I've never been much on making New Year's Resolutions, but I have created quite a few affirmations over the last two years. Here's two of my two most powerful affirmations:

I am in charge of my habits. I set goals, create affirmations, and use them.

I spend time visualizing (image making) my good habits.

I've discovered that I can change my habits. Once I decide what I want to be, I create a positive, present tense, personal, declarative affirmation. With that affirmation, I create a movie. Then I pre-live that movie.

(It's like a positive worry. We often picture the worse, then pre-live it by worrying about it. I simply reverse the process.)

My New Year's Resolution is simple, and it's contained in a companion affirmation:

I consistently review my affirmations and goals.

What if changing your habits was really this easy? Would you try it? Maybe even as a New Year's Resolution?

Happy New Year!

1 comment:

  1. "I am in charge of my habits. " That's the best affirmation I've heard in a long time. Now I have to live it...