Friday, January 2, 2009

Affirmation: Scarcity and Abundance

A fellow blogger wrote a good post called "No One Else is the Same." It's a very thoughtful post that works on several levels.

On the surface it's a piece on coming of age when we realize some of our dreams are unattainable, like unassisted human flight (my dream), or rock-star alter-ego magic earrings (her dream).

But the unrealistic and unattainable motif was also mixed with the suggestion of other dreams that might be impossible. Saphron acknowledges her mother's advice is sound, "Some prayers are answered, but 20 years later." But Saphron seems to worry that some of her very important prayers/dreams remain unanswered, or at best the current answer is "Not now." (Delay is not denial, but it can feel like it.)

A third motif is found in the enigmatic title of Saphron's post, "No One Else is the Same." This suggests to me a that perhaps a lost relationship is irreplaceable. I'll agree that no two people are alike, but...

I have an affirmation that helps me. It goes:

I believe in abundance and scarcity.

I chose to believe that abundance exists. Snowflakes, jobs, relationships, homes... the list goes on. I also acknowledge that scarcity exists: a few custom-fit jobs, a few good friends, some homes that suit, etc. Scarcity acknowledges a small group, but there's still a group. Even rare doesn't mean "only."

Once upon a time, when I was dating, the person I was most interested in, wasn't really interested in being anything but being friends. Ouch.

Was she the "only one?" No.

Was I disappointed and hurt? Yes.

Did things work out for me? Yes!

Why? In part they worked out because I believed in abundance. There are more fish in the sea, and I found one! Right under my nose.

(A few years later, she later found someone too!)

I think that if you believe in abundance, you become a lightening-rod for opportunity.

If you believe in "no one else is the same," you might just miss seeing the other prize fish in the sea.

I believe in abundance and scarcity.

What do you believe?


  1. Again, I am very flattered that you would post about my thoughts.

    I'll tell you that it's not about a particular person....just more...the basics (and ironically the big things) that we assume are going to be part of our lives. And, how does one then go about finding new meaning in life without them.

  2. Nothing to do with this post but I thought I should mention I've commented on further thoughts about piewipes / pipewipes.... (Which comment will mean nothing to the rest of your readers!!!)