Thursday, February 19, 2009

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Today I woke up with three issues begging for resolution.

My issues involved: car maintenance, job duties, and social responsibilities. Any of these sound familiar?

I had three varied problem areas… What was I to do?

I decided to take a few minutes to put my thoughts to paper.

Next, I reviewed my list of personal affirmations. I wondered if my affirmations would help me see my way to make some clear decisions.

I was able to easily match two of the three issues with an affirmation.

For the third one, I asked myself the question, “What would make me feel good about myself in making this decision?”

After asking the question, I could see how the remaining issue did fall under the influence of another affirmation.

As I weighed my choices in view of my affirmations and values, I could see my way clearly on what my course of decision and action should be in each case. Whew!

I feel better already!

(10 hours later…)

Two of the three morning solutions lasted through the day, but an unplanned visit from a district supervisor led to an option better than I had conceived for number three!

The Universe conspired to improve my plan, and I was ready for it!

A set of clearly stated goals/affirmation that are in keeping with core values apparently provide a good compass when navigating the sea of life! Who knew?

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