Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Up on the rooftop... eight-year-olds pause...

Life is tough when you're only eight. Third grade is hard. I was glad to be in San Diego with my dad. It was rainy, but we were having fun. He even took me up on the roof of the hotel.

He said I could play with his camera if I kept the cord around my wrist, so I did.

This was my first shot: I was next to this tall glass table.

The view from the top of the building was cool, so I took a picture of some chairs. Wouldn't it be fun to sit down and look out?

Maybe I'll get a bit closer to the chairs for a better view.

Rats! The chairs are wet, and anyway, my dad...

Hey! Where's dad?

Over there by the lamp post? No.

That's when the light went on, and I remembered...

...Dad said he'd be right back with donuts and milk from the sky kitchen.

Whew. I was worried there for a second. Now I see him...

(Today I nothing to say, so I started with a batch of pictures, created a character, and played "what if," just for the fun of it! Thanks pictures!)

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  1. fun!

    I thought this might have been an actual guest post ("I don't remember Don ever mentioning an 8 year old. . .")